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Betriebsferien vom 02.02. - 12.02.2024

TBS Tracer 2.4Ghz Nano RX

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TBS Tracer 2,4 GHz Nano RX I Hochleistungs-Langstreckenausrüstung
Crossfire auf 2.4Ghz - das schnellste Miniquad-optimierte Steuerungssystem
Geringe Latenz
Voller Telemetriesupport

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

Is TBS tracer better than Crossfire?

Crossfire is a 900MHz system while Tracer is 2.4GHz, lower frequency has better penetration, so theoretically Crossfire will have more reliable signal and range than Tracer. Not to mention Crossfire also uses LoRa technology which enhances its long range capability further

What protocol does TBS tracer use?

CRSF V3 is the latest revision of the CRSF protocol. It includes CRSFShot and reduces the latency between the radio and the transmitter even more.

Is tracer compatible with Crossfire?

TBS Tracer runs the Crossfire & CRSF engine, with a new 2.4GHz twist.

How does TBS crossfire work?

The built in battery on the receiver turns it into a beacon automatically - and it will continue to transmit its last known location until the battery runs out. Apart from unparalelled range, the thing that we are most proud about on the TBS CROSSFIRE is that it just works. ... All top drone racers fly the TBS Crossfire.

How do I bind my crossfire Nanos to TBS?

On the standard transmitter, enter the configuration menu by pressing and holding the joystick for 3 seconds, select “General” and “Binding” - a message “Binding” will start blinking, waiting for the receiver. On the micro transmitter, a short press on the button will initiate binding mode.

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