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Kostenfreier Versand ab €100 Einkaufswert.
HDZero stellt neue Cam vor: RunCam HDZero Nano V2

HDZero stellt neue Cam vor: RunCam HDZero Nano V2

Quelle: HDZero FB Homepage
I am pleased to announce that Runcam HDZero Nano V2 camera is ready to release. It uses the same CMOS sensor as HDZero Micro V2 camera so that it has better image quality and low light performance. It also adds 4:3 mode and 16:9 (full) mode for wider FOV.
Product Specifications:
Sensor Size: 1/2 inch
Resolution: 1280x720p60
Sensitivity: 10650mV/Lux-sec
Shutter: Rolling Shutter
-D:155° H:122° V:89° (4:3)
-D:145° H:122° V:67° (16:9 cut)
-H:130° V:89° (16:9 full)*
Weight : 4.3g
Dimensions: 14x16x21mm

*1: The corners will show black vignettes.
2: Micro v2 and Nano lite Cameras supports 16:9 mode with updated firmware.

Here is the detailed review from Daniel English:
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