Rotor Riot - Riot Control F4 FC

STM32 F4 Chipsatz
BetaFlight OSD
Current Sensor
8MB Blackbox
Breakout Port für 4in1 ESCs
unterstützt SBUS, DSMX, CRSF (Crossfire)

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Rotor Riot baut kontinuierlich das Angebot an sagenhaften RR-Stuff aus.
Mit der Riot Control hat RR eine neue F4 FC in Zusammenarbeit mit einem namenhaften Hersteller
entwickelt, welche es in sich hat.

Le Drib über die Riot Control:

Many months ago, Chad Kapper asked me if I wanted to work on OEM?ing a flight controller. We wanted to make something easy to setup and use, with reliable high performance flight. We started with a layout cobbled together in Microsoft PowerPoint and a list of features. From there it was a long road trying to find the right manufacturer that could deliver everything we wanted. 
After testing many rounds of prototypes and tweaks, we finally have Riot Control V1.

The soft mounted gyro in combination with soft mount corner holes provides for ultra clean gyro signals. Tommy Tibajia can tell you more about the bench testing he did with noisy motors and how well having multiple stages of physical dampening took the vibes right out. The best part is that even with the soft mount gyro, the ribbon connector is kept as short as possible, passing through the board and connecting underside, this eliminates the durability issue that sometimes comes with remote gyros and ribbon connectors, you know I bando smash tested all my prototypes ??

Last ting I want to mention is the layout, we designed it with intuitive organization in mind. All the wires for your FPV system come together in one area including 9v power, vid in and out for OSD, and a UART for VTX telemetry. The receiver are organized in a separate area, and a solder bridge allows for bypassing of an inverted in one UART so it can be used with inverted SBUS or normal signals like DSMX and CRSF.

Anschlussplan Philipp Seidel
Betaflight Handbuch von Philipp Seidel

Review Oscar Liang


  • Soft mounted Gyro  MPU6000
  • Soft mounted Anschlüsse 
  • Intuitives Löt-Layout 
  • 3 UARTs mit änderbarem Inverter auf UART1 für SBUS
  • BF OSD
  • Breakout Port für 4in1 ESC
  • STM32 F405
  • Target: OmnibusF4
  • LiPo Input 2S-6S
  • eingebauter Current Sensor
  • 8MB Blackbox Speicher
  • SBUS, DSMX, CRSF Support (Crossfire)


  • Rotor Riot - Riot Control F4 FC
  • Anschlusskabel ESC
  • Hardware
  • Pinlayout
  • Buzzer
  • XT60 Anschlusskabel (in Schwarz :D )
  • Case


Flight Controller: BetaFlight ButterFlight AIO STM32 F4

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